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Are you sourcing for shoes in China? Does your product line include bags? If both questions are answered in the affirmative, Quanzhou would be the right place for you. Most procurement professionals would agree that when sourcing for shoes in China, (Jinjiang of) Quanzhou is the place to go, but they may not be aware that Quanzhou is actually also one of the three biggest bag production bases in China. There are obvious advantages for purchasing both shoes and bags in Quanzhou: Bags to go with your shoes, in a convenient way. As both the shoes and bag supplier markets in Quanzhou are highly sophisticated, shoes procurers sourcing in Quanzhou can conveniently source for quality bags in the s

What is the common AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) for Bags?

As commonly known in the international trade, “AQL” stands for Acceptable Quality Limit. The “AQL tables” represent the industry standard and therefore are important statistical tools used by buyers for product inspections. The “AQL tables” help to gauge two key areas:- How many samples out of a batch of products should be picked and inspected? What is the limit for a batch of products containing certain defects to still be regarded as acceptable? In practice, defects are categorised into three groups, namely, “Critical”, “Major ” and “Minor” and they in turn mean:- Critical: Defects which could result in hazardous or unsafe conditions for individuals using or maintaining the product as wel

5 Things You Should Know about Product Safety

Product safety is important in the consumer products industry. It is an especially hot topic in the past few years as and when substandard products of enterprises have been recalled by the relevant regulatory authorities in many places in the world. The common chemical standards in the bags industry are REACH for European Union and Prop 65 for importing to USA. Depending on the type of products, there may be additional physical testing requirements. For example, some child related goods would need to be tested for small parts. There are 5 things we would like to share about product safety: 1, You don't need to test everything. SGS, UL and Intertek can help As of today, there are 172 chemica

Finding Bag and Case manufacturers in China

You get thousands of results when searching for bag manufacturers on B2B platforms such as Alibaba and Global Source. It is not easy to choose the best bag manufacturer, but actually most of them are from one of the three biggest bag manufacturing bases in China: Guangdong (mainly Guangzhou), Fujian (mainly Quanzhou) and Zhejiang (mainly Pinghu). No bag manufacturers are good at everything. Below is a map showing the main strength of each bag manufacturing base. Guangdong Guangdong (mainly Guangzhou) is famous for their high-end designer handbags. Some Coach and Gucci handbags are made in this area. The labor cost here is the highest among the three manufacturing bases, so their price is on

Need to grow your business?

Need to grow your business? Bags are a great way to generate impressions. ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) found that bags generate more impressions than any other promotional items. 34% of U.S. Consumers own logoed bags Bags generate more impressions in the U.S. than any other promotional item. Women in the U.S. are much more likely to own a bag than men. 61% of consumers in the West who have a logoed bag say they are more likely to do business with the advertiser. More than half of consumers In San Dlego who receive a promotional bag report that they keep it for 2 years or longer. Down under, bags get the most impressions. Bags are a great way to generate impressions. Orient works wit

What is CORDURA® fabric?

CORDURA® fabric is one of our favorites when it comes to high performing and durable materials. CORDURA® is a famous brand for a collection of fabrics used in a wide range of products such as luggage, backpacks, pants, military gear and other high-performance products. It is one of the most respected brands in the fabric industry. In our view, their 1000-denier nylon 6.6 fabric is the best choice for military products; and for high-performance hiking backpack, their 210D fabric will be excellent because it is a super lightweight and yet durable material. Over the years, CORDURA® has developed a wide range of fabrics that are always considered best-in-class for durability and performance. For

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