How to measure the volume of a Backpack?

Measuring the volume of a backpack is actually very easy, no calculation or complicated formula is needed. Some people would use the Volume = Length x Width x Height formula, but that is actually incorrect. It is because this formula is for measuring the volume of a box. However, most backpacks are not in the shape of a box. Instead, backpacks usually come in irregular shape. More importantly, the size of the backpack is not our concern. What we want to know is the storage volume of the backpack. You could have a very big backpack which is heavily padded all around, which leaves only very little storage space inside. In that case, shall we consider it as a "Big" backpack or a "Small" backpac

How to develop Eco-Friendly Backpacks?

"Eco-friendly" has been a hot topic in recent years. It is getting lots of attentions as our society understands the importance of protecting our environment, and avoiding the harm as much as possible when we interact with it. When it comes to the commercial world, more and more companies are integrating the Eco-friendly concept into their products and services. Timberland, for example, is the pioneer of Eco-friendly products. They have their backpacks, bags and footwear made out of recycled or organic materials since 2007. What is considered as Eco-Friendly product? According to Green Retail Decisions, Eco-friendly is a colloquial term used to classify a product that will not cause damage t

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