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About us

Orient is a bag manufacturer (OEM) based in China. Our story started in 1983, when our founder Ricky Li, a Hong Kong businessman, started his bag and accessories manufacturing business in Quanzhou, Fujian. What began as 50 workers in a small rented building in the backyard of a local high school, has grown to become an organisation of five manufacturing plants, with a total production floor area of 46000 square metres and 1000 employees.

Today, Orient is still largely a family-run business, whose core value is manufacturing high quality products for customers from different business fields all over the world. Our factories have been ISO9001 certified since 2004, and have also successfully passed the SA8000 audit in 2009. Our manufacturing expertise lies in a wide range of bags, mainly backpacks, laptop bags and sleeves, tote bags, makeup bags and promotional items.  We also specialise in tactical/law enforcement bags and accessories. Our 650 production line workers have a capacity to turn over:

  • 460,000 wallets per month

  • 100,000 backpacks per month

  • 40,000 laptop bags per month

  • 1,200,000 promotional bags per month

Orient has always been recognized as a bag manufacturer that stands by its quality. Producing quality product is a core value which guides our company, along with providing fine services at competitive price. 

Additionally, we pride ourselves as upholding the highest level of integrity, which is embodied in our responsible dealings with our customers.  We also truly care for our staff at all levels so that we have taken good care of their well-beings in terms of their work and living environment as well as their leisure life here.

Through our technological expertise and international management standards, our customers see us as their long term reliable and responsive business partner.

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