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Myanmar bag factory

In our unwavering commitment to enhance our customer's experience and provide a wider array of choices, we at Orient expanded our global footprint by establishing a manufacturing facility in Myanmar in 2019. This strategic move was guided by our goals to maximize the unique advantages of different regions, minimize risks associated with global politics, and further ensure the reliability of our services.

Our Myanmar bag factory offers the most competitive price for cosmetic bags, backpacks, waist bags and promotional items.

Myanmar's competitive labor cost played a significant role in this action, but it's about much more than just economics. Myanmar upholds respectable working conditions despite the lower wage rates than its neighboring regions. This stands testament to our core beliefs in valuing our employees.

Moreover, Myanmar provides extensive employment opportunities, which contributes positively to its economic growth and aligns with Orient's ethos of corporate responsibility. We're not just making bags—we're helping to drive a nation forward.

Our Myanmar bag factory offers the most competitive price for high-volume products among our factories in the three countries.  Our focus at this factory is on cosmetic bags, backpacks, waist bags and promotional items.

We currently have 200 staff at our Myanmar bag factory, and we are capable of producing the following numbers of bags per month:

  • 1,000,000 Cosmetic bags

  • 100,000 Backpacks

  • 100,000 Waist bags

  • 50,000 Promotional items

Myanmar bag factory of Orient Group is a leading manufacturer of cosmetic bags, backpacks, waist bags and promotional items

Myanmar's labor force is largely composed of young and eager individuals, keen to enhance their skills. We find their commitment to learning heartening and inspirational, mirroring our own dedication to progress and refinement. Their industriousness is reflected in the superior quality of each bag produced in our Myanmar factory, adding another chapter to our story of delivering world-class products that meet, and often surpass, global industry standards.

At Orient, you will find more than a bag manufacturer. We are a trusted partner in your journey, a caring employer to our valued employees, and a humble, hardworking team that stands true to its roots while embracing global growth.

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