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China bag factory

Founded in 1983, Orient bag manufacturing group has experienced many challenges in the past 40 years. Meanwhile, there have been countless gracious moments experienced. We are grateful for all of our clients' continuous support and to our excellent teams who have made great work possible.

To date, we have become a multinational corporation having production sites in three different countries, i.e. China, Cambodia and Myanmar. To take advantage of the different opportunities each location offers, our manufacturing sites focus on making different products. 

China bag factories continue to take advantage of an established supply chain, as well as the best skilful workers the world has to offer.

Headquarter of Orient Bag Manufacturer in Quanzhou Fujian China

Our China bag factories are the best places to manufacture quick-reacting, time-sensitive products. They are especially armed with skills for producing tactical gear such as plate carriers, gun cases and backpacks. They are also good at making challenging items like hunting backpacks, hiking packs and laptop bags.

We also base our research and development center here so that we can keep a close watch on quality while reducing lead times.  This has proven to be one of our core competencies.

Our China bag factories are capable of producing the following numbers of bags per month:

  • 30,000 Tactical vests

  • 100,000 Tactical belts

  • 100,000 Gun cases

  • 50,000 Hunting backpacks

  • 100,000 School bags

  • 100,000 Laptop bags

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Orient is a manufacture of bag (OEM). Nylon backpack is one of the key products of our factory.
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