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Laptop bags

Orient manufactures many kinds of laptop bags for some major participants in the industry. Our products include sleeves, cases and backpacks. 

We manufacture laptop bags in different price ranges. Many of our products are being used as premium items bundled with laptops, while we also make some high-end laptop bags that are being sold on chain stores and retail shelves.

Disclaimer:  Any trade marks and/or design rights shown in the photographs above do not belong to our company

but they are the intellectual properties of our respective clients.

We also offer design support to our business partners. 

Questions about our products, services or website?  Contact us.

Protection is the most important criteria for laptop bags; the laptop compartment should be well padded to withstand bumps and drops. 

It should be light-weighed but spacious to fit all the personal essentials for daily commute or even short traveling. Well-designed interior pockets help to keep personal accessories such as phones, power band, pens, wallets and coins organized and convenient to access. Some bags even have fleece-lined compartments for storing delicate accessories such as sunglasses or electronics. 

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