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Finding Bag and Case manufacturers in China

You get thousands of results when searching for bag manufacturers on B2B platforms such as Alibaba and Global Source. It is not easy to choose the best bag manufacturer, but actually most of them are from one of the three biggest bag manufacturing bases in China: Guangdong (mainly Guangzhou), Fujian (mainly Quanzhou) and Zhejiang (mainly Pinghu).

No bag manufacturers are good at everything. Below is a map showing the main strength of each bag manufacturing base.

map of bag manufacturer in China


Guangdong (mainly Guangzhou) is famous for their high-end designer handbags. Some Coach and Gucci handbags are made in this area. The labor cost here is the highest among the three manufacturing bases, so their price is on the high side.


Fujian (mainly Quanzhou) is the best for nylon backpacks, school bags, canvas tote bags and so on. Quanzhou has over a thousand bag factories and there are many shoe factories too.


Zhejiang (mainly Pinghu) mainly focuses on luggage and small premium items.

So, depending on the product type, this can be a rough guideline for your next bag sourcing project. We trust the above is useful and please feel free to leave your comments with us if you have any.

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