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One stop sourcing for Shoes & Bags in China

One stop sourcing for Shoes & Bags in China

Are you sourcing for shoes in China? Does your product line include bags? If both questions are answered in the affirmative, Quanzhou would be the right place for you.

Most procurement professionals would agree that when sourcing for shoes in China, (Jinjiang of) Quanzhou is the place to go, but they may not be aware that Quanzhou is actually also one of the three biggest bag production bases in China.

There are obvious advantages for purchasing both shoes and bags in Quanzhou:

  1. Bags to go with your shoes, in a convenient way. As both the shoes and bag supplier markets in Quanzhou are highly sophisticated, shoes procurers sourcing in Quanzhou can conveniently source for quality bags in the same locality. Sourcing the two kinds of goods in the same place will mean an easier way to manage business trips and the relevant product development schedules.

  2. Experienced in supporting fashion brands’ development. Factories in the Quanzhou area are experienced in supporting different fashion brands. They have knowledge in different physical and chemical testing requriements and can adapt to different packaging guidelines.

  3. Design alignment through material / supplier base sharing. Since the shoe & bag factory in the same area will share similar raw material supplier base, this may allow them to share production techniques and possibly, raw materials as well. This will be easier for brands to create design alignment in their shoe and bag lines, and this may even lower the material MOQ.

  4. Save shipping cost through consolidation. The closest sea port in Quanzhou is the Xiamen port. The two suppliers can consolidate shipments and ship in full containers, which will help to save on shipping and handling charges.

  5. Save overhead and management cost. Some brands request their products to be inspected before shipping. If they have multiple factories in the area manufacturing a fuller range of their product lines, it may be more cost effective to hire a full-time inspector locating in the Quanzhou area than flying them in from other cities, such as Guangdong or Shanghai.

Our company Orient Handbag Manufacture Co. Ltd. is a leading bag and accessories manufacturer from Quanzhou, China. We have been manufacturing quality bag products for our clients for a few decades since 1983. If you are currently looking for a supplier for your bag collection, please consider paying us a visit in Quanzhou when you plan for your next business trip. Meanwhile, for further information about our company and products, please see feel free to check out our webpage and contact us.

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