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Celebrating our 32nd Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to Orient!! We have just celebrated our factory's 32nd Anniversary last week on 13th October over a Chinese style feast with our employees, friends and families. The weather was promising and the al-fresco dinner allowed all attendants to have some nice moments catching up in the relaxing evening.

Celebrating the 32nd Anniversary of our factory with our friends and families.

Apart from the scrumptious dishes, we had a welcoming note from our General Manager, lucky draws and prize presentation sessions to recognise our long-serving employees. By far, the longest serving employee has spent a span of 32 years with us!

Celebrating our factory's 32nd Anniversary | Orient Bag Manufacturer

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our team for their undaunted effort in overcoming all the challenges we faced last year. We are so grateful to have a great and hardworking team behind us all these years. Good job everyone!!!

Celebrating our factory's 32nd Anniversary | Orient Bag Manufacturer

As of October 2016, we have achieved an impressive sales figures of 8 million bags this year. We take pride in our factory's specialities, which are cosmetic bags and backpacks. We also pride ourselves as the most long-standing bag manufacturer in Quanzhou, China, and as one of the most established bag manufacturers in the locality.

Time for lucky draws | Orient Bag Manufacturer

In view of the current economic outlook, we anticipate there still lie in front of us a lot of challenges going forward. It is exactly at this very moment that we shall keep up with our positivity and our passion for bag manufacturing. We trust that a better future awaits us and we look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries at Orient!

Celebrating our factory's 32nd Anniversary | Orient Bag Manufacturer

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