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Brighter Together

Partner with us, your premier Cambodian bag manufacturer, to elevate your product line.

Together, we'll achieve greatness.

Get to Know Us

Inspiror, nestled in the heart of Cambodia, is your trusted partner in crafting unparalleled bag solutions with a commitment to excellence and sustainability.


Together, We Stitch Quality, Durability, and Style!

About Us.

Founded in 1983 in Fujian, China, Orient Bag Manufacturer grew from local roots to a global company with factories in China, Cambodia, and Myanmar. For 40 years, we've made top-quality bags and served clients worldwide in different industries. We expanded to Cambodia in 2023, aiming to be trustworthy, sustainable, and ethical. We value our partners, workers, and communities. Let's join hands for shared success.

Our Journey: Milestones of Growth



Established with a vision to redefine the bag manufacturing industry, our company was founded on principles of quality and craftsmanship, setting the stage for decades of innovation and excellence.


A New Chapter in Qingmeng

Embracing growth and opportunity, we moved to our current headquarters in Qingmeng in 2006. This relocation was a significant milestone, reflecting our expanded operations and increased team size. The move solidified our market standing and further enabled us to commit to excellence in manufacturing.


Expansion into Myanmar

Our journey continued with the strategic expansion into Myanmar in 2019, allowing us to increase our manufacturing capabilities and extend our market reach. This move emphasized our commitment to leveraging global opportunities and enhancing production efficiency.


Growth Continues in Cambodia

The latest leap in our journey is the inauguration of our cutting-edge facility in Cambodia. This expansion is not only a testament to our continuous growth but also strategically positions us to offer competitive advantages in cost efficiency and compliance with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA), reaffirming our dedication to serving global markets with unparalleled excellence.

Sample Showcase: Discover Our Range


Craftsmanship and Precision in OEM Bag Manufacturing: Specializing in turning your designs into premium bags and backpacks for all purposes. Our commitment to excellence ensures your vision comes to life with unrivaled workmanship.

Product Development

We collaborate closely to transform your vision into market-ready products that resonate with your brand.

OEM Manufacturing

We excel in manufacturing your designs with outstanding quality and efficiency, making each product a reflection of your brand’s values.

Comprehensive Care

From concept to customer, we handle all aspects of the project lifecycle, guaranteeing satisfaction with every detail managed to perfection.


Our Strengths

Quality, Expertise, and Integrity


Decades of Expert History

With over 40 years of expertise in the industry, our dedication to superior craftsmanship and precise manufacturing processes is evident in every bag. Our seasoned approach guarantees that every product is not just made but meticulously crafted with attention to detail.


Certified Excellence

We are proud to uphold the highest standards as evidenced by our ISO9001:2015 certification and WRAP accreditation. These certifications affirm our commitment to quality management, efficiency, and ethical production processes, ensuring both product excellence and corporate responsibility.


Unmatched Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality is uncompromising, ensuring each product not only meets but exceeds industry standards. Our professional teams focus on precision, using only premium materials to craft durable and desirable products that reflect your brand’s excellence.


Strategic Manufacturing Location

Strategically positioned in Cambodia, our facility benefits from cost-effective production capabilities and adherence to the Trade Agreements Act (TAA), offering you competitive advantages in both economics and logistics. This strategic location supports timely and efficient order fulfillment across global markets.

Our Team.

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From Our Floor to Your Door: Quality You Trust!

Contact Us


Prey Chamkar Village,

Lumhach Commune, 
Ang Snoul District,

Kandal Province, Cambodia


+855 93 415 025

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

7:00 am – 6:00 pm


7:00 am – 4:00 pm

Business Info


500 Terry Francine Street, San Francisco, CA 94158

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